Shenzhen Zhengshi Supply Chain Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Zhengshi Supply Chain Co., Ltd


Shenzhen Zhengshi Supply Chain is affiliated to the direct branch of Hong Kong Zhengshi International Co., Ltd. in Chinese Mainland.

The headquarters of Hong Kong Zhengshi International was established in 2014, mainly engaged in international shipping agency container booking; Air agency booking; Integrated import and export customs declaration and clearance; Systematic operation of port terminal yard and airport terminal ground handling; Full chain services for cleaning, dismantling, lifting, warehousing, and delivery. There are seven major warehousing Action Center in the United States, providing warehousing, transshipment, consignment, after-sales maintenance and other routine services covering almost all areas of overseas warehouses.

Zhengshi International is rooted in China's container multimodal logistics industry and has developed into a multi-level, wide coverage, and unique modern comprehensive logistics service enterprise. Its service scope covers comprehensive transportation, warehousing logistics, cold chain logistics, international logistics, on-site logistics, supply chain finance, ship services, logistics parks, investment management, and other fields.

In order to better expand cross-border business both domestically and internationally, and fully leverage our strong industry advantages and resources, Zhengshi International Shenzhen Branch mainly orders containers through international liner shipping companies; Air international cargo transportation agency booking; Export supervised warehouse operation; Develop the most refined supply chain and logistics solutions for specific industry product areas.

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