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1. Import

Air freight import customs declaration

Service commitment: 16 hours of air import customs declaration, inspection pass rate above 90%. Supporting services: 3C, energy efficiency appraisal, import license, dangerous goods appraisal certificate and other customs declaration related documents.

Maritime import customs declaration

Service commitment: Apply for sea freight import customs declaration in advance, pick up and inspect within 1 day. Supporting services: Integrated customs declaration for national, 3C, energy efficiency appraisal, import license, dangerous goods appraisal certificate and other related customs declaration documents.

2. Export

Air freight export customs declaration

Service commitment: 0.5 days for general trade export, 0.5 days for processing trade, inspection and release completed on the same day, and 1-3 days for special trade.

Supporting services: air cargo booking, foreign trade agency, warehousing, customs declaration, inspection, transportation, business certification, and a series of other services.

Maritime export customs declaration

Service commitment: 0.5 hours to provide feedback on document issues, 2 hours to complete customs declaration, and 5 hours to complete inspection and release.

Supporting services: Special trade customs declaration, customs clearance plan planning, pre classification of goods, inspection and supervision of loading and other extended services.

3. Bonded Zone

Bonded Zone Customs Declaration

Service commitment: 1 day for entry customs declaration in the bonded area, 2-3 days for import tax collection, 1 day for tax exemption, 4-8 hours for export/exit, and 2 additional days for inspection.

Supporting services: regulated and non regulated vehicle transportation, warehousing services, sorting and picking up goods, labeling, packaging replacement, pre classification, manual verification, and other businesses.

Free Trade Zone One Day Tour

Service commitment: Enterprise registration+expedited completion of product registration in 2 days; The inspection rate is 0.5%. If there is an inspection, it will be conducted on arrival and completed within 2 hours.

Supporting services: one-stop services such as bonded zone warehouses, transportation, enterprise registration, processing trade manual verification, etc.

4. Return shipment

Return customs declaration

Service commitment: 3 working days for complete documentation, 1-2 working days for proof of tax payment/refund, 1-2 working days for import customs clearance and inspection.

Supporting services: Provide full process services such as import consulting solutions, quality inspection certificates, international freight, customs clearance, and distribution for returned goods

Temporary import and export customs declaration

Service Product: Exhibition: Designer works exhibited, such as oil paintings, art works, etc.

Shooting: Clothing outbound photography, such as sample clothing.

Commercial samples: Foreign trade companies accept the display of commercial samples overseas, such as instruments and equipment.

5. Personal belongings

Express customs declaration

Service commitment: Provide customs clearance services for customers who have been detained for express shipments, and pick up the goods on the same day of customs clearance.

Supporting services: Individuals who mail imported goods shall be subject to import tax levied by the customs in accordance with the law. However, if the amount of import tax payable is less than 50 yuan (including 50 yuan), the customs shall exempt it.

Declaration of personal belongings

Service commitment: A dedicated person is responsible for completing the procedures in one day (0.5h for document exchange, 1h for document preparation, 1h for inspection application, 1h for electronic declaration, and 2h for inspection release).

Supporting services: Provide services such as product classification, foreign trade agency, customs declaration and inspection, and delivery.

6. Import and export documents

Full category agency, import and export related documents can be handled on behalf of:

Certificate of Origin of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

Customs Certificate of Origin

Pre classification

Pre ruling

Consular authentication

Certificate of Free Sale

Import and export rights agency

ATA Document Book

3C out of directory/exempt from 3C

Energy efficiency labeling

Commodity inspection agency

Dual use items

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