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1. 96 hours before the ship arrives at the port, the agent submits the Enoa/Enod document to the berthing port USCG, and the 96 hours are based on receipt rather than the ship's sending time. And confirm the port/anchorage/berth/anchorage and contact information for filling out the report. If the voyage is less than 96 hours, it should be sent before departure and at least 24 hours before entering the destination port water area. If the voyage is less than 24 hours, it is necessary to send Eona/ENOD at least 24 hours before arriving at a US port, requiring it to be sent at least 15 minutes before leaving the US port (if sailing between US ports and belonging to the same COTP area, there is no need to submit it). If the ETA/ETD changes more than 6 hours, an update report UPDATENOTICE needs to be sent

2. Handle the loading and unloading, transshipment, packing, unpacking, receiving and dispatching, handover, storage, stacking, handling, and contracting of goods sources for containers. In addition, there are also tasks such as container repair, flushing, fumigation, and related measurements.

3. The delivery and delivery methods for container cargo are divided into:



3) Full container delivery and unpacking (FCL/LCL);


4. The delivery locations for container goods are divided into:

1) Door to door;

2) Arrive at the door;

3) Station to station;

4) From field to door.

5. After arranging for the trailer to complete the entry procedures, enter the storage yard to pick up the container. Then it is delivered directly to Amazon warehouse, Wal Mart warehouse, WAYFAIR warehouse and third-party warehouse.

6. LCL cargo needs to be delivered to our overseas warehouse for container dismantling, and different routes of trucks, railways, or air freight will be arranged for delivery according to different addresses.

7. Our company can accept the service of returning problematic parts to the warehouse for processing. If there are a series of unexpected situations such as quality issues with the product itself and issues with the recipient, it is necessary to perform operations such as return for repair, transportation, import back to China, and return to the bonded warehouse.

8. Provide customs transfer services, such as if your goods are in the United States, but if you want to directly forward them from the United States to Canada, Mexico, Europe, and other regions, you can do so.

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