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At present, Zhengshi International has established seven major warehousing and processing centers in the United States, distributed in various regions of the East, Central, and West of the United States.

The main business is: FBA transit, one piece shipping, return and exchange of labels, after-sales maintenance, medium and long-term warehousing, inventory clearance, and delivery of oversized items from warehouses.


Listing (completed within 1-2 working days) - Inventory system visible - System orders placed - FBA labels sent via email (self pickup supported) - Labeling - Order outbound (within 24 hours) - System automatically updates logistics status - Timely tracking and feedback of logistics abnormalities - Sign in

1、 Smooth and worry free process

Accumulated years of experience in FBA warehousing and transfer, ensuring smooth processes and reducing customer concerns.

2、 System visibility is more hassle free

The system visualizes orders, allowing customers to understand their order status in real-time.

3、 Diversified services make it more hassle free

·Can handle bulk cargo/full container,

·Products that can accept multiple SKUs and have a small number of individual SKUs

One piece for shipping

Listing (completed within 1-2 working days) - Inventory system visible - System automatically uploads orders - Second tracking number - Order outbound (within 24 hours) - System automatically updates logistics status - Customer service tracking feedback on logistics anomalies - Sign in

1、 Reduce costs and increase efficiency, making it easier to worry

The entire process is guaranteed in terms of time efficiency. Taking the United States as an example, the average logistics time is 2.26 days, saving up to 50% of shipping costs.

2、 More worry free for cargo safety

The system visualizes the order status, and the goods are as clear as your fingertips. If there is a missed scan, the value of lost items will be compensated.

3、 System docking is more hassle free

Support Amazon/ebay/wish/AliExpress/Wal Mart/wayfair and other platforms, and connect with ERP such as store secretary/Puyuan/caravan/Tongtu/mango store manager/Yichang.

4、 Diversified services make it more hassle free

There is no limit to the quantity of goods to be shipped, and one item can also be shipped. We also accept return and exchange services.

Return and exchange label

Arrival and unloading - warehouse sorting - package shelving - inventory system visualization - received label change instructions - removed packages according to instructions - SKU sorting - new and old SKU comparison coverage - packaged by address number - returned packaging data - obtained FBA outer box label - outbound - returned tracking number

1、 Affordable and more worry free

Professional return and label exchange, with affordable prices.

2、 System processing is more hassle free

Adopting a system to process orders, with standardized processes, ensuring the safety of goods, and high efficiency in return and labeling.

3、 No restrictions, more worry free

Return and label exchange service, unlimited in quantity and SKU type.

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