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What weight limits should Amazon FBA pay attention to when transporting containers on the first leg?
Source:    Time:2018-08-21    

Container is an important loading container for cargo transportation, and it is also necessary to use a container for shipping when using Amazon FBA's first leg sea freight. However, the weight that a container can load is limited, not only due to the weight limit of the container itself, but also several other aspects of weight limit that need to be noted. Therefore, in addition to understanding the initial cost of Amazon FBA, the carrier should also pay attention to understanding the weight limitations of the container.

1. Container weight limit

Amazon FBA needs to pay attention to verifying the weight limit of the container county during initial transportation to avoid the total weight of the goods exceeding the limit. Because when the container exceeds the weight limit, it exceeds the maximum strength that the container can withstand, which may lead to deformation of the container, detachment of the bottom plate, and bending of the top beam. Moreover, terminals with containers loaded beyond the weight limit will be rejected.

2. Shipping company weight limit

Each shipping company has different weight policies, generally not based on damaged containers, as well as considering the balance between space and weight to limit weight. Therefore, when using Amazon FBA's first leg transportation service, carriers need to understand the weight policy of the shipping company in advance to prevent the cargo loaded in the container from exceeding the weight of the shipping company.

3. Port area weight limit

The weight limitation of the port area mainly depends on the mechanical equipment load of the dock and yard. Because container ships usually require cranes from the port for loading and unloading operations after docking at the port, if the weight of the container exceeds the mechanical load, it will cause difficulties for the operation of the port and yard. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the weight limit of the port in advance when transporting the first leg of Amazon FBA.

The above are several weight limiting factors that need to be considered when loading goods in containers during Amazon FBA's initial transportation process. If everyone is not familiar with various weight limits, once the container is overweight, it will cause obstacles to the transportation of goods. Therefore, the emerging Amazon FBA First Route Company suggests that carriers should understand the weight limit policies in all aspects in advance to ensure that the total weight of the container is not overweight.

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